Disinfection Gate SHIELD

Disinfection Gate SHIELD

Draft shield for Disinfection Gate

creates protection which improves the quality of disinfection.
During high wind, intensity ensures even distribution of the disinfectant on the surface and gives greater control over the amount of applied agent, easier control of applied disinfection solution when calculated per m² of the disinfected vehicle.
Reduces the probability of water mist passing outside the disinfection area.

Technical data: Made of powder-coated steel and high-quality tarpaulin resistant to all weather conditions.
Size h. 470cm w. 300cm

Unidoz Biosecurity Gate
Truck Unidoz Disinfection Gate is the best bio-insurance available on the market. Compared to the disinfection mat, we have the ability to disinfect the passing vehicle, not just the lower part of the wheel. The vehicle is disinfected on all sides (360 ° disinfection): the sides, the top, the front, the rear, the chassis.
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