Disinfection for Truck at The Gate

The disinfection channel The spray system with overarching sprayers tall enough for any kind of commercial truck to fit through with multiple sprayers on each line

Desifection Channel for disinfecting vehicles,design for spraying any type of passing thru vehicles like agricultural machinery, poultry trucks, passenger cars. It prevents the transfer of diseases to the farm, danger zone Unidoz Biosecurity Gate

Track disinfection curtain is the best bio-insurance available on the market. Compared to the disinfection mat, we have the ability to disinfect the passing vehicle, not just the lower part of the wheel. The vehicle is disinfected on all sides (360 ° disinfection): the sides, the top, the front, the rear, the chassis.
In addition, it can be equipped with a 20m hose for spraying in inaccessible spots, and a system that allows disinfection channel to be used at low temperatures.
Made of powder-coated aluminum what make it lightweight and easy to install. Reflective elements ensure adequate visibility after dark for passing drivers during night time
The Bioasecuration Gate is designed for permanent or temporary installation at the entrance gate. Equipped with a 230V powered pump, which sucks in the predose disinfectant.
Equipment for Disinfection procedures for vehicles entering to pig farmes, poultry farmes, crop plants, industrial plants
Compared to manual disinfection Full disinfection of the vehicle takes seconds Recommended for protection against ASF African swine fever, H5N1 avian influenza, and many other diseases

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