Unisterin Column - 5L Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

 Hand disinfection tower 

Touchless  automatic hand sanitizer dispenser Unisterin 

Column-mounted hand sanitizer for a high flow of people. 

Solution for hand disinfection in public areas


Key Features:

    • Simple and intuitive hand disinfection
    • Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for 5L containers. 
    • Spray or gel alcoholic hand disinfectants
    • Access to the disinfection dispenser from one side
    • Available in a variety of colors as well as a range of finishes, white black, red, and plenty more.
    • Customizable with Your language, Your company’s logo, Your graphic design
    • Battery operated or external power supply
    • Powder painted steel
    • Dosing pump for alcohol hand disinfectants
    • Lockable
    • Adjustable dosage
    • Compatible with bottles with a maximum capacity of 5000ml

Automatic hand disinfection dispenser Dimension

Width 270 mm, Height 1410 mm, Depth 180 mm Weight 13.00 kg, Weight with packaging 14.00 kg Packaging dimensions 323 x 220 x 1420 mm EU pallets: 8 pcs / pallet

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