UNIDOZ M – 02 Portable dispensing system

UNIDOZ M – 02 Portable dispensing system for liquid chemical concentrates makes sure that you always get accurate diluted ready to use product. Economic, reliable, made from the highest quality materials. We designed proportioner to make cleaning easier, faster and safer.

MS02 proportioning system can be attach on any type of canisters with concentrated cleaning chemical

We recommend our reusable dispenser for bottle or bucket filling

UNIDOZ DOSING SYSTEM M-02 can be use in any location with access to the water source, what saves users time. Small size makes it ideal for trolley service.


  • Suitable to all types of canisters;
  • Fast installation-ready to use, simply select metering tip and connected water supply hose;
  • Simple operation (unlock valve ON / lock OFF);
  • 12 dilution levels (from 25ml to 1400ml/10l);
  • Saves employee time. Minimal training time results in faster and easier adoption;
  • Dispensing is controlled at a 14 or 7 liters-per-minute flow rate;
  • Designed for easy bottle, bucket and auto-scrubber filling
  • No wall mounting required