4WAY CABINET closed loop dosing system

4WAY CABINET closed loop dosing system Wall mounted lockable with key dosing system for four 5l chemical canisters. Four way chemical proportioner uses standard city water pressure to draw and blend chemical products into the water to create an accurately diluted solution which is pro-jected through the four freely configured discharge hoses for filling of a bottle ( short hose) or bucket (long hose) Recommended everywhere where safety is important, especially hospitals, health care facilities, supermarkets, schools, hotels, industrial etc.

Key Features:

  • Proportioner locks chemical products inside to prevent theft or misuse of chemicals
  • Close- looped proprtioner eliminates anyone from coming into contact with chemical concentrate
  • Products do not mix with each other, each product is dispensed separately
  • Possible choice of flow rates or discharge hose length for filling small to large containers * Please specify the flow rate when ordering: Low Flow (LF), High Flow (HF). Choice of 2 meter discharge hoses (LH) with hook or short discharge hoses for bot-tle fill (SH)
  • 12 dilution levels (from 25ml to 1400ml/10l)
  • Durable, high quality ball valves ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
  • Made from painted steel and brass fittings
  • Size width 67cm, height 62cm, depth 25cm
  • Backup valve
  • Logo and product stickers are included in price (upon request)