Spray applicator for diluting two products with rinsing operation. This product had been designed to spray clean and sanitize floors and surfaces.
This venturi injection system uses standard city water pressure to draw and blend two chemical concentrates into the water stream at the same time to create an accurately diluted solution which is projected through the discharge hose and gun.

Gastro-Wash technical data:

  • material: stainless steel, brass, all components that contact chemicals are designed for chemical and corrosion resistance
  • On/off can be controlled at hose end, wherever the operator may be, using accessory tools
  • available with 10m or 15m blue food approved hose(up to 25m), spray gun and hose wire rack
  • Metering tips for dilution ratios from 0,50% max 10%
  • Working temperature 60° C max.
  • Working precision 2 up to 6 bar
  • Clean/rinse/sanitize functions are clearly labeled for easy identification
  • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
  • Back flow protection
  • Customizable, engraved with Your language and Your company’s logo