Decontamination corridor

Decontamination corridor and Decontamination corridor equipment

Ready biosecurity corridors and their equipment

Unidoz bio-security solutions designed to meet the individual needs of each farm.

Decontamination corridor:

A specially designed, ready-to-set-up room made of a sandwich panel, intended for the transition from the clean zone to the dirty zone, equipped with disinfection equipment that help to stop pathogens from entering the breeding building.


The solution provides the highest level of biosecurity.


Biosecurity corridor is used to clothes changes, washing and disinfecting boots, drying shoes, disinfecting and keeping items brought to the piggery, farm, washing and disinfecting hands and showers.


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  • Device for washing and disinfecting shoes
  • Automatic UV disinfection
  • Stainless steel Boots rack, shoe dryer
  • Lockers for clothes
  • Heating
  • Stainless steel and PVC bench
  • Shower
  • Stainless steel Sink and soap hand dispenser
  • Stainless steel hand disinfection dispenser
  • and many others
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