Disinfection Tunnel for trucks

Disinfection Tunnel

Automatic two-step disinfection tunnel for trucks.

Przejazdowy Tunel

An automatic vehicle disinfection system sprays the entire vehicle with particular emphasis on the chassis and wheels, the next stage of vehicle disinfection is automatic fogging with a chemical agent that takes place for a specified time.

Dla ciężarówek Tunel

Whole building fogging/ misting enables difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected. A disinfection tunnel with appropriate dimensions will cover the entire car with a disinfectant. The disinfection tunnel is a barrier, a border between the clean zone and the dirty zone.


Thanks to the patented two-stage disinfection, we guarantee that the cars entering the farm, production plant are 100% disinfected.

Effective biosecurity:

Unidoz disinfection tunnel is the boundary between the dirty zone and the clean zone. prevents diseases from entering the farm /company.

Disinfection equipment or an entire building designed to disinfect feed wagons entering a farm or food plants. 

  • Building dimensions ensuring full truck coverage

  • two-stage vehicle disinfection

  • automated disinfection process

  • chemical agent dosing system

  • work in low temperatures

  • Roller, automatic entry and exit doors

  • The Warning system ending chemical agent

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